2017 -  BASCA British Composer Award for Innovation.

2017 – ‘The Composer’s Fund’ PRS for Music Foundation.

2016 - London Music Masters Award.

2011 – ‘Women Make Music’ PRS for Music Foundation.

2010 - BASCA British Composer Awards: Sonic Art Category shortlist.

2010 - Theodore Holland Intercollegiate Conservatoire Composition Prize.

2009 - Royal Philharmonic Society Composition Award.

2009 - Elgar Memorial Prize (Royal College of Music).

2008 - Cobbett & Hurlstone Award (Royal College of Music).

2004 - BBC/Guardian Young Composer’s Award.

Selected Compositions


  • ‘Meditation on a Spiral Staircase’ - for Turntables and Spatialised Brass Ensemble, premiered at SOUNDLab by Shiva Feshareki and the Brass players of Szczecin Philharmonic.

  • ‘Perpetual Motion (in two contrasting movements)’ - for Violin, Cello and Electronics, premiere at Milton Court, Barbican Centre by Britten Sinfonia.



  • 'Venus/Zohreh' - for String Quartet, commissioned by Sound UK and Ligeti Quartet.

  • ‘Venus/Zohreh’ - for String Orchestra, premiered by Dusseldorf Symphoniker conducted by Zoi Tsokanou

  • ‘Unknown, Remembered’ - for Solo Soprano, Viola da Gamba and Piano (all amplified and through delay systems), commissioned by Spitalifelds Music Festival.

  • DIALOGUE - for Live Turntable Manipulation (or electronic playback) and Orchestra, premiered by Shiva Feshareki & BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Bramwell Tovey

  • ‘GABA-analogue’ and ‘O’ (revised) - premiered at York Hall by Trinity Laban Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Andre de Ridder.

  • 'Zohra' - for Amplified Violin and Turntable Manipulation, released and performed by Galya Bisengalieva

  • 'Photek Remix on Mini Oramics Machine' - for Mini Oramics Machine and modifed Turntable (built by Tom Richards)

  • 'Composition no.1' - acoustic, electronic, turntables and mixed media.

  • 'Still Point’ – Daphne Oram (1949, realised by Shiva Feshareki & James Bulley) for double Orchestra, treated instrumental recordings, microphones and discs, premiered at the Royal Albert Hall for the BBC Proms with London Contemporary Orchestra conducted by Robert Ames.

  • Star at Dawn (Single)


  • 'The System (rework)' – with installation artist Haroon Mirza, for videos, LEDs and turntables. Premiered at Zabludowicz Collection, London.

  • ‘O’ (version 1)– for re-structured orchestra, organ and turntables. Premiered by Shiva Feshareki, Kit Downes and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra at Musikhuset Aarhus, Denmark.

  • ‘GABA-analogue’ (version 1) – for deconstructed spatialised orchestra & electronic dance break. Premiered by Shiva Feshareki and London Contemporary Orchestra at Printworks, London.


  • ‘Still Point’ – Daphne Oram (1949, realised by Shiva Feshareki & James Bulley), for double orchestra, 5 microphones, 3 78 RPM discs, commissioned by the Southbank Centre.


  • ‘The Calling’ - with Haroon Mirza, for soprano, prepared turntables, amplified cello, UGKI, volunteers, lamps, transistor radios, tables, PA system, projector, wooden screen (4X7ft), LEDs, control box, speaker cone wood, metal stand, light bulb, glass cabinet, cabling, remote control socket, electronics. Text by Laura Marling (25mins approx). Premiered at Barbican Art Gallery.

  • ‘Volcano Diaries’ - with Haroon Mirza, for E flat, B Flat, bass and contrabass Clarinet, soprano, organ, video, LEDs and prepared turntables (45mins approx). Premiered at Union Chapel Islington.

  • ‘Revolutions dethrone kings and enthrone columns and watering cans’ - for piano, turntables, trumpet, cello, clarinet and voice. Premiered at Kettle's Yard Cambridge.

  • 'For Jack (Volcano)' - LED torch, light-sensitive oscillators (aka "box of joy"), korg kaoss pad, “classic record” vinyl disc and turntable. Premiered at Kettle's Yard Cambridge.


  • 'Volcano’- for four turntables and LED circuit. Premiered at Casa Fiorucci, Italy 2014.

  • 'State/Jam/Reflect' - for two cellos, clarinet, Bass Clarinet and French Horn. Premiered at Shoreditch House.

  • '12 graphic scores for 12 solo instruments. Inspired by children's fantasy, for children' - Royal College of Music.

  • 'A surround-sound piece for 8 prepared turntables, 9 instruments, video, and LEDs' - Preview by London Sinfonietta at the ICA London.


  • -'The Uncanny, Uncertainty' - for Piano Quintet.

  • -'The Strangest Flavour' - for Chamber Orchestra.

  • -'Gabby's Light' - for Electronics.

  • -'Manic Pixie Dream Girl - for Clarinet and Piano -- premiered at Queen Elizabeth Hall, by Max Welford and Katherine Tinker.


  • "Connect/Connect" - for graphic score, and platform noise recording simultaneously. performed by Trains on Platform and Shiva Feshareki at Hackney Downs.


  • "NYC: Born 1702" - for Handbells of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. Performed by Endorpha percussion ensemble. Denis Severs' House, Spitalfields Music festival.

  • "departing in piece, arriving with love" - for solo clarinet. Performed by Mark van de Wiel. Kings Place, London.

  • "Valentine's Rhapsody" - for Bass Clarinet, French Horn, Violin, Cello and Piccolo. Performed by London Sinfonietta. Queen Elizabeth Hall.

  • "jack of all trades" - for 6 pianos and 6 kaoss pads. Performed by Piano Circus. Tramway, Glasgow.

  • 'GHKonzert - the retro'" - for Nintendo Guitar Hero and Mixed Ensemble. Virtual Youtube Concert.


  • "out of sorts" - for String Octet. Performed by the London Philharmonia. Royal Festival Hall.

  • "critical delusions" - for cello, multi-percussion and turntables. Performed by G Project. The Forge Arts Centre, Camden.

  • "today, i stepped back" - for cello duet. Performed by Natalie Clein and Thomas Carrol. Ulverston Music Festival, Lake District.


  • "schizophrenic two" - for Solo Piano. Performed by Michael Ierace. Cadogan Hall, London.

  • "outroversions" - for alto saxophone.

  • "TTKonzert" - for 4 Turntables, Kaoss Pad, Sax Quartet and Large Orchestra. Performed by Shiva Feshareki and the London Contemporary Orchestra, Roundhouse, London.


  • "critical distortions" - for solo cello and 2 turntables. Premiered by Natalie Clein and Shiva Feshareki at Bath International Music Festival.

  • "on the 12th floor" - for violin, cello, clarinet and piano.

  • "insistent distortions" - chamber orchestra. Premiered by the National Youth Chamber Orchestra of Great Britain, Chelthenham Music Festival.


  • "dancefloor distortions" - for chamber orchestra + bass guitar. Premiered by The London Philharmonic Orchestra - Queen Elizabeth Hall.

  • "she cried" - for untrained female voice. Recorded by Mica Levi @ RCM Studios.

  • "she cried" - for solo bass flute. Performed by Carla Rees. St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch, London.


Academic Qualifications

2006-2009: Royal College of Music -- Scholar under Mark-Anthony Turnage; BMus(hons) in composition, Distinction for portfolio.

2012-2015: BSc(hons) in Psychology, 2:1.

2013-2016: Royal College of Music – DMus, practice-based doctoral research in experimental and collaborative composition.

Live performances & residencies

2019: Maerzmusik (The Long Now) - Kraftwerk, Berlin - Live Turntable Composition 

2019: PRS Foundation’s New Music Biennial - Southbank Centre and Hull. U.K. - DIALOGUE w/ BBC Concert Orchestra

2019: Sonar, Barcelona - Live Turntable Composition

2019: Arty Farty - Auditorium-Orchestre National de Lyon - DIALOGUE w/ Orchestre National de Lyon

2019: SOUNDLab - Szczecin Philharmonic, Poland

2019: Longplayer Day - Lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Warf - Live Turntable duet with Jem Finer’s Longplayer

2019: EditedArts/Ameonus - Aures, London - Live Ambisonic Turntable Composition

2019: Sheffield Chamber Music Festival (Music in the Round) - Live Turntable Composition

2018: VAC Foundation, Moscow Museum of Modern Art - Live Turntable Composition 

2018: London Jazz Festival, Queen Elizabeth Hall - DIALOGUE w/ BBC Concert Orchestra

2018: BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall - Turntable Solo for 'Still Point' by Daphne Oram

2018: The Pumphouse, Aldeburgh Festival - Live Turntable Composition

2018: Hyperreality, Vienna - Live Improvisation for club context, with Kit Downes (amplified piano) and Shiva Feshareki (turntables).

2018: Spitalfields Music Festival - Featured Composer

2018: Saturnalia, Milan -Live Ambient Turntable Composition.

2018: Southbank Centre - ‘Concrete Lates’, club-night curation and live set.

2018: BBC 6 with Lauren Lavern - Live Turntable Demo.

2018: Skissernas Museum, Lund - Live Turntable Composition.

2018: Nikolaj Kunsthall, Copenhagen - Activating Haroon Mirza's Installation 'Dancing with the Unknown' using live Turntable performance.

2018: Resolution London - Live Turntable Composition in diffused surround-sound.

2017: Printworks, London – DJ set.

2017 & 2018: RESIST, Belfast – Live Turntable Composition.

2017: Aarhus Festuge, Denmark.

2017: MUTEK, Montreal.

2017: Uniqlo Tate Lates, London.

2014/15/16: NTS Radio Dalston - DJ.

2016: ‘Deep Minimalism’, Southbank Centre –world premiere of Daphne Oram’s Still Point (1949) feat London Contemporary Orchestra (realized by Shiva Feshareki and James Bulley).

2015: ‘Station to Station’, Barbican Centre – feat. Shiva Feshareki, Factory Floor and Haroon Mirza.

2014: Forget Amnesia, Volcano Extravaganza, Stromboli, Italy -- feat. Django Django, Shiva Feshareki and James Lavelle, curated by Haroon Mirza.

2011: Spitalfields Festival.

2011: Bird’s Eye View Festival.

2010: Ulverston Music Festival: Featured Composer in Residence.

2010: Reverb at Roundhouse.

2009: Cheltenham Festival.

2008: Cambridge International.

2008: Bath International.

2005-6: National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain: Principal Composer in Residence.

Project Curation

2018: Southbank Queen Elizabeth Hall Concrete Lates - Shiva Feshareki Takeover w/ M.E.S.H., E.M.M.A. & Coby Sey. 

2017: ‘OCCAM River XV’ – commissioning and contextualizing new acoustic compositions by Eliane Radigue and Lee Gamble at Great Masson Cave, Derbyshire.

2015: Union Chapel bespoke project director, with thanks to Arts Council England and Frieze -  “Colin Alexander, Shiva Feshareki and Haroon Mirza feat. Kit Downes and Southbank Gamelan Players”.

2013-2015: Organising bespoke music events with East London Fawcett Society (ELF)

2014: "Biomechanic/Composer Collaboration" -- collaboration between biomechanic scientist Dr Stuart Miller and Shiva Feshareki: Processing muscle frequency into live and organic electro acoustic music.

2013-14: "Blue Touch Paper": a 50 minute large-scale spatial work for 8 turntables, installation, controlled psychoacoustics and large ensemble. In collaboration with installation artist Haroon Mirza and the London Sinfonietta.

2011-12: "The Guitar Hero Project" GH Konzert’ for Guitar Hero Nintendo +mixed ensemble -- collaboration with youtuber ‘Freddiew'.

Research, Education and Outreach

2019: Leeds University - Guest Seminar on Shiva’s artistic practice

2019: Sonar+D - Masterclass

2019: SAE Institute, Barcelona - Masterclass

2019: Sheffield DJ School - Music in the Round - Turntablism Workshop

2018: Brighter Sounds: Both Sides Now – Artist Director.

2018: 'Still Point’ – Daphne Oram (1949, realised by Shiva Feshareki & James Bulley) for double Orchestra, treated instrumental recordings, microphones and discs, performed at the Royal Albert Hall for the BBC Proms. Researched as part of Shiva Feshareki (Doctorate of Music, Royal College of Music) and James Bulley (PhD, Goldsmith’s).

2017-2018: Purcell School of Music – Guest seminars.

2017: London College of Communications Sonic Art Department– guest lecture on Shiva’s compositional practice.

2016-2017 – Royal Academy of Music Junior Academy – Composition and General Musicianship professor.

2017: Audio/visual turntabling workshop with primary school children from Lambeth Borough at Prince of Wales with London Music Masters.

2017: Kingston University Art and Design Department – Seminar on Shiva’s compositional practice.

2017: Northampton University Popular Music Department – Seminar on Shiva’s compositional practice.

2016: Science Museum & Leeds University – ‘Alternative Histories of Electronic Music’ International Conference. Presenting: “Daphne Oram: Still Point”.

2016: Royal College of Music seminars and deputy teaching.

2015: Mentor on collaborative creative schemes at University of East London at the Aquatics Centre with ‘UFest’, ‘Bigga Fish’ and ‘Sound and Music’.

2015: Creative-Music Coach at Sound and Music ‘Go Compose!'  scheme -- Young Composers Courses and Summer Music School for 14-18 year olds.

2015: City University Music Department guest seminars.

2014: Reading University - Research Presentation at the 'Children's Musical Worlds' Conference with SEMPRE (Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research). Presenting: "Writing music inspired by the fantasy-world of children”.

2014: Central Saint Martins "offering rites" talk and seminar, with David Toop.

2013-14: "The Bramley School Project": a collaboration between Bramley Primary School, Royal College of Music Junior Department and Shiva Feshareki -- Writing music inspired by the fantasy world of children.

2011: Brunel University research seminar in Sonic Art.

2006-2008: Leading composition workshops for GCSE music students.