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Shiva Feshareki is an internationally acclaimed composer & turntablist, and NTS Radio DJ. Her diverse output explores acoustic, context perspective and the sound of electricity through wide ranging practices that incorporate classical craft and experimental methodology. In 2017, she was honoured with the British Composer Award for Innovation from BASCA. 2018 saw a host of stunning performances from Feshareki across Europe including at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (VAC), BBC Proms and London Jazz Festival.

Her solo turntable performances fuse together sonic palettes using hyperphysical manipulations and sampling techniques. Cuts from drum and bass, garage, gabber, deep minimalism and classical orchestral works are yielded to create complex live compositions that are as kinetic as they are delicate.

Her compositional work for orchestra is equally transformative, exploring the physicality of sound in relation to light, sculpture and movement. ’GABA-analogue’ (2017) employed space as a compositional tool to create a surround-sound orchestra inside London’s Printworks nightclub with London Contemporary Orchestra. An alternative form of the composition was also presented as ‘O’ at Musikhuset, Denmark with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra; both pieces engaged with sound as both a ‘sculpture in space’ and as a ‘medium bending through time’. Her composition ‘Dialogue’ (2018) for Live Turntable Manipulation and Orchestra can be described as an “intricate cross-phase between electronic and acoustic sound.” It was premiered at the Queen Elizabeth Hall during The EFG London Jazz Festival by Shiva Feshareki and the BBC Concert Orchestra, and receives three more performances in 2019.

Feshareki obtained a Doctorate of Music from the Royal College of Music and her experience as researcher was central to her work on ‘Still Point’ by Daphne Oram (1949). The extraordinary story behind the project began with the discovery of the incomplete composition nearly 70 years after if had been rejected by the BBC, where Oram worked as a sound engineer. Shiva Feshareki and fellow composer James Bulley completed the radical composition, originally written for turntables, double orchestra and five microphones. The story culminated with its world premiere at the BBC Proms in 2018, performed by Feshareki and the London Contemporary Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall - the venue for which it was originally composed.

Other recent performances include Saturnalia at Macao (Milan), Hyperreality Festival of Club Culture (Vienna), Moscow Museum of Modern Art for the VAC Foundation (Moscow), Mutek (Montreal), The Tanks at Tate Modern (London), Artheater (Cologne), The Pumphouse (Aldeburgh), Southbank Centre ‘Concrete Lates’ Takeover (London) and Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen) as part of Haroon Mirza’s installation Dancing with the Unknown.

Forthcoming projects include a string of unique solo turntabling performances in a variety of contexts, a concert with Orchestre Nationale de Lyon (Dialogue), BBC Concert Orchestra, Ensemble Modern, and a new commission for SOUNDLab: a composition for Live Turntable Manipulation and Spatialised Brass Ensemble to be premiered at the Szczecin Philharmonic in Poland. 2019 will also see the exciting release of her debut album NEW FORMS on ‘RESIST’: a snapshot into her turntabling experiments. More info here.

Feshareki is one of the most thought-provoking and innovative artists emerging in recent years and achieving international acclaim for her unique and absorbing improvisation and composition practice. Her work sits at the intersections of electronic music, fine art, free improvisation, classical composition, dance music culture and turntablism. The result are new forms of sonic materials, new engagements with sonic materiality and new philosophical perspectives.

Shiva Feshareki is represented by Rayfield Allied worldwide.

More info on Shiva Feshareki’s body of work can be viewed here.